The MCR can be found at the top of Staircase 8 in Cloisters.

The MCR is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are asked to be quiet in the evenings.

Yes. Both OWL and Eduroam are available.


Yes. The first time you go up, you’ll need to go with somebody who has already been up the tower. Your ever-thoughtful MCR organises trips up the tower in Fresher’s Week to make sure you’re able to go up yourself if you should so choose at a later date. You will need to collect a permission form from the Porters and get it signed by a Fellow in College before you’ll be given the key to go up.

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Complete the online Maintenance Request form. You can report issues in communal areas as well as in your own room. If it is an emergency, contact the Porters.

Fancy Dress

I’m going to [X], and it says the dress code is [Y]. What does [Y] mean?

You’ll quite often get invited to things where there is a dress code in Oxford. Knowing what to wear can be a nightmare, so here’s a guide:

You can wear what you like (within reason). Jeans and trainers are acceptable.

Men: Collared shirt, smart trousers (avoid wearing jeans if possible), black or brown shoes (avoid trainers if possible), and a jacket or plain jumper if you like. A tie is not necessary.

Women: Smart top or blouse, jacket or cardigan if you like, smart trousers/skirt to match jacket and tidy shoes or boots (avoid trainers if possible).

Men: A dark suit (with matching jacket and trousers), collared shirt and tie (but not bow tie), black shoes required.

Women: Cocktail dress (length just above the knee to just above the ankle).

Men: Black tuxedo (silk or satin lapels and ribbon seam on the outside of the trouser legs to match jacket), white dress shirt with cuff links, black silk or satin bow tie, and black shoes. A waistcoat or cummerbund is optional. Formal national dress is also acceptable.

Women: A long flowing dress or cocktail dress, typically more elegant than worn for a lounge suit dress code. At balls a long ball gown is appropriate.

Men: White cotton pique bow tie, black jacket with tails, dress shirt with cuffs and winged collar, black trousers with two satin seams along the outside trouser legs, white waistcoat, white silk handkerchief and black shoes. A black top hat and white gloves are optional. Formal national dress is also appropriate.

Women: A long ball gown reaching at least the ankles or the ground.

A useful guide to dress codes can be found here.