Magdalen College is one of the most beautiful colleges in Oxford. And there are deer. But those aren’t the only reasons why you should choose to come to Magdalen…

Unlike at many other colleges, graduate students at Magdalen are fortunate enough to be guaranteed two years of housing in College accommodation. This removes the pressure to find private accommodation for your second year as soon as you arrive in Oxford. 

Having accommodation sorted for two years is very helpful, but it also means that the MCR is active organising exciting things for you to do, for those all important breaks from working!

Highlights include Liquid Lounge on Friday evenings in term, where the MCR bar is opened and you can come and meet your fellow Magdalenites (and bring friends). Sunday brunch is a big favourite, especially with our salmon and creme cheese bagels. 

The MCR also organises exchange dinners with other colleges, so you get to experience formal dining in many of Oxford’s colleges.

There are guest dinners, exclusive black tie affairs featuring mouth watering menus that are the envy of all, and wine & cheese exchanges with other college MCRs.

The MCR is also a nice place to relax, with an (almost) endless supply of biscuits, tea, and coffee!

Not everything revolves around food. The MCR also organises crafting events, movie nights, and many other opportunities to unwind with your fellow graduates. There’s always the opportunity to get involved too, and if you’re keen on committee meetings, there’s always free pizza! Finally, it should be said that you don’t have to be an incoming graduate student to be a member of Magdalen MCR. If you’re somehow affiliated with College, you can apply for associate membership to get in on all the amazing things that go on in the MCR!

As a Fresher, you will be buddied with a current member of the MCR who is doing a subject similar to yours, so that you can ask them any questions you have about Magdalen and Oxford before you arrive, and have a friendly face to grab a drink or a cup of tea with when you get here. The Fresher’s Officer on the MCR Committee will make sure that you are provided with information about how to get to Magdalen (and you can take a look at these useful transport links) and help you get established here. Something to look forward to soon after you arrive as a Fresher is Fresher’s Week, a series of dinners, drinks, and events hosted by the MCR to make sure you get to know your fellow Freshers and other members of the MCR. It doesn’t all end after Fresher’s week though, as the champagne brunch after Matriculation (where you are formally admitted as a member of the University) is always something to look forward to, as well as all the other MCR events happening in Michaelmas.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the MCR Committee, who will be more than happy to help!