Termly bill for accommodation and other charges incurred in College in the previous term.

Short for Bodleian Card, this is the identification card used throughout the university.

The staff-assisted buffet-like food service area, adjacent to the Dining Hall.

Doctor of Philosophy. The Oxford way of saying PhD, ‘cos you know… it’s cool to be different.

An academic member of the College who normally also has an appointment within the University. Tutorial Fellows have a primary teaching role in College.

A sit-down, waitered, three course meal is served in Hall three evenings a week (Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays). Gowns are worn to Formal Hall, although smart clothing is only required on Sundays.

The table where the fellows sit in hall. It’s higher than the rest, hence the name. You will (hopefully) be invited to High Table at least once while you are at Magdalen.

Spring term, running from mid- January to mid-March.

Ceremony which formally admits a student as a member of the University.

The choir sings from the top of the Great Tower at 6am on the morning of 1st May. A long standing Magdalen tradition!

Winter term, running from early October to early December.

Serves snacks and drinks from 12pm and is also the student bar in the evening.

Where mail sent to you at College is put for you to collect. The Pidges/mail room can be found in Chaplain’s Quad. There are no carrier pigeons to be found in the mail room.

Members of staff that are based at the entrance of the College in the Porters’ Lodge. They control access and provide security for the College.

The head of the College.

Domestic staff in the College.

What you have to wear under your academic gown for university ceremonies and for exams. For men, it is a black or dark grey suit (two or three pieces) with black shoes and a white bow tie, and for women it is trousers or skirt, white shirt, black cardigan or pullover, and black shoes.

Summer term, running from late April to late June.

Now you know as much as me! If in doubt ask the porters and good luck! Everyone is Magdalen here, feel free to ask lots of questions.