The MCR at Magdalen is a great group to be a part of. So much so, that membership isn’t limited to graduate students in Magdalen College. If you can prove that you have a connection to College you are welcome to apply, although you can’t be a member of Magdalen MCR if you are a member of an MCR in another college.

1. married to, or in a de facto relationship with, an Ordinary Member (that is, a matriculated student of the University who is subject to batell by the College and is either a graduate, a mature member or a finalist undergraduate student) of the MCR; or
2. associated with the College through postgraduate study or research you are pursuing at the University; or
3. a person who enjoys, in the view of the MCR Committee, a close and substantial connection with the College and the MCR (that is, that your degree of connection must be sufficient for the Committee to consider you an appropriate candidate for Associate Membership). Members of other Colleges will not be appropriate candidates.

1. an Ordinary Member of the MCR; or
2. entitled to membership of the middle common room (or equivalent) of any other college at the University.

To apply to become an Associate Member, confirm that you are eligible for associate membership, and then send an email to the MCR Secretary. You will be asked to fill out a form to state why you believe you should be considered for associate membership and be sponsored by an SCR member in favour of your application.

Benefits of Associate Membership

  • Access to College grounds when open and a key is not required,
  • Access to MCR and all MCR-run social events,
  • Eligibility to join College sports teams (rules apply to certain Cuppers teams),
  • Eligibility for election to the MCR Committee,
  • Eligibility to vote at General Meetings (and if the associate member is also a Committee member, committee meetings),
  • Subscription to the MCR mailing list, although not the official College MCR mailing list.

  • Graduate accommodation,
  • Holding any Magdalen keys,
  • Dining rights and access to online meals booking system (although Associate Members may attend Hall as the guest of an Ordinary Member),
  • Access to the College library, and other College-owned facilities, e.g. computer rooms, practice rooms, squash courts, punts),
  • Drawing the key to Magdalen Tower,
  • A personal pigeon-hole in the post room,
  • A Magdalen email address.