Expectations of Student Behaviour

Expectations for Student Behaviour (opens word document)

We have formulated the following code of conduct with the aim of not imposing restrictions beyond those required by law without strong justification. Our overarching purpose is to ensure that Magdalen is a safe place to live and work for all its students and staff. These rules are subject to change both as a result of new national regulations and evidence that the current framework of rules is not creating a sufficiently safe environment.

We are offering you more latitude than students in many other universities currently enjoy. In return for placing our trust in you, we expect you to behave responsibly. If it becomes clear that this trust is misplaced, we will have no option but to change our approach.

This document outlines our minimum expectations of behaviour. Households are encouraged to discuss within themselves whether they wish to supplement these rules with additional ideas, so as to ensure everyone is comfortable with the environment in which they live. Please bear in mind that the sub-deans are running a conciliation service to help students resolve tensions and disputes in a non-disciplinary fashion.

Our hope is that the rationale behind these rules will be self-evident. The Deans will hold meetings on Teams at the beginning of Freshers’ Week for all members of the JCR and MCR, to answer any questions and address any concerns.

  • Members of a household may interact freely with one another without regard to social distancing (whether inside their physical household space or outside it). This can be anywhere in or outside the College, in their individual rooms within the household, or in the common areas of households. Please be considerate in your use of common areas: for instance, it may not be appropriate for some members of a household to occupy a kitchen for an evening without regard to whether other members of the household might wish to use it.
  • Households might wish to consider agreeing among themselves:
    • A rota or booking system for using the kitchen.
    • Expectations for tidying up after using the kitchen.
  • If you wish to socialise you are strongly encouraged to do so outdoors. The College, JCR and MCR have provided various tents to facilitate this, though when the weather permits you are encouraged to make use of the full College site (New Buildings’ Lawn, Water Meadow, Fellows’ Garden, etc).
  • When socialising with people outside your household you may not gather in groups larger than six. These six may be from any number of households. You must maintain social distancing within these groups (2m whether indoors or outdoors).
  • The main tent in the Deer Park will be divided into twelve boxes so multiple groups of 6 can meet safely inside it at the same time.
  • The following restrictions apply to all tents:
    • No smoking
    • No glass
    • No amplified music
    • 10pm curfew by law (as all tents are “social spaces”)
  • Students are expected to clean up after themselves. Recycling and rubbish bins have been provided.
  • The JCR and MCR committees may decide to introduce additional regulations for the use of their tents.
  • Face coverings must be worn in accordance with the University policy whenever in an indoor space outside of your household. Face coverings can be obtained from the Porters’ Lodge for a 50p donation.
  • Students are expected to remain 2m apart from anyone who is not a member of their household.
  • College will have some facilities (e.g. the Hall) where it is possible for students to be closer than 2m apart due to the mitigations in place.
  • Please be aware that for the purposes of self-isolation anyone who is a “close contact” of a person with symptoms will also be required to self-isolate for 14 days (and are not to book a test unless they are symptomatic). The household of a close contact does not need to self-isolate unless the close contact is symptomatic. A close contact is anyone who 1) had face-to-face contact with a symptomatic person at a distance of less than 1m in the 48 hours before the onset of symptoms; or 2) has been within 2m of a symptomatic person for more than 15 minutes in the 48 hours before the onset of symptoms. Note also that mitigations do not affect whether a person is a close contact.
  • Members of College are allowed to bring a single guest onto the College site at any one time.
  • Guests must be signed in at the Porters’ Lodge, and should not be brought into College by other entrances under any circumstances.
  • Guests are not allowed to use any common facilities. This includes common areas of households (kitchens and bathrooms), the various tents or other indoor locations (JCR/MCR, Hall, etc). Guests are allowed 1) to go directly to their host’s private room; or 2) to go for a walk around the Water Meadow.
  • Guests must leave the College grounds by 10pm. Overnight guests are not permitted.
  • Members of College can visit another household, and will count as a guest for the purposes of this section other than for the need to sign in at the Porters’ Lodge. For the avoidance of doubt, that means that they cannot use the common facilities of the household they are visiting, and cannot stay overnight.
  • If we find evidence that the guest policy is being abused, we will take the approach of most other Colleges and ban all guests.

We hope that these rules will create an environment where students can enjoy themselves whilst ensuring the safety of the community. They will only work if everybody plays their part in upholding them. It is important that where students have concerns about the conduct of others they contact the Deans. Breaking these rules exposes vulnerable members of our community, including staff, to unnecessary and life-threatening risk, and could result in an outbreak that will have serious consequences for us all.



Catering Information - Meals (Hall & OKB)

Longwall Library

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Dear all,


Thank you for your continued cooperation in wearing face coverings and keeping your hand clean whilst in the Longwall Library. I would like to draw attention to a few of the ways we’ll be accommodating Covid measures over the coming term.  We’ll be putting more guidance up on the college webpages as term progresses.


  • The number of desk spaces is reduced at present, to ensure social distancing. Work is in progress to increase the number of available desks over the course of the term
  • Click & Collect: we are happy to fetch books for you to collect from the library foyer. Details on Click & Collect are available here: https://www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/using/clickandcollect
  • We can arrange loans for you if you are self-isolating. Email the library enquiry desk (library.desk@magd.ox.ac.uk) to request the books you need.

o    Include in your email:

  • the title of the book, its author and shelfmark.
  • Include a link to the SOLO catalogue record if you can.
  • The name of your nominated helper who will pick the books up from the library

o   The books need to be collected from the library during staffed hours (during term 8:30am-5:30pm, Monday-Friday)

o    Your nominated helper should come to the desk to ask for the books. They will need to show their own Bod card when they arrive.

o   The books will be issued to you on your own library account.

o   Books should not be returned from a self-isolating reader.  Only return books once you have left isolation.  If you are asked to return a book because it has been reserved by another reader or it is overdue, email us at library.desk@magd.ox.ac.uk

Many thanks,



Dr Lucy Gwynn

College Librarian

01865 276057

Magdalen College | Oxford | OX1 4AU