Magdalen has five libraries, the New Library, which is the main College library, the Denning Law Library, the Old Library, which contains the College’s collection of manuscripts and old printed books, the Daubney Library, which contains 19th century manuscripts, and the McFarlane MediƦval History Library. Students mostly use the New Library, as special permission is required to access the Old, Daubney, and McFarlane Libraries. The New Library is open 24 hours a day, and holds a large collection of DVDs as well as books. Books are on loan for up to four weeks, and DVDs for two nights. There are a limited number of workspaces available in the Library. The Denning Law Library is located in the Grove buildings, and is only for the use of law students. It contains an up-to-date collection of law books and periodicals, and very comfortable chairs!


Magdalen has two computer rooms available for graduates, one in Cloisters, the first door after the Founder’s Tower, and one in Quad V in Holywell Ford. The computers are all connected to the University network, and the computer rooms contain printers and scanners. You will need to provide your own paper for printing.


Car parking is not easy in Oxford, but graduates at Magdalen are lucky enough to have a number of car parking spots allocated for their use in College. Information is sent around each year about applying for permission to use the car park.

Music Rooms

The College has a number of music rooms with pianos for any student to use. These are booked in the Porters’ Lodge, although first preference goes to Music Students.


The College has a large fleet of punts available for the exclusive use of members of the College during summer. Being on the Cherwell River, Magdalen is right next to some of the most idyllic parts of Oxford to punt through up into University Parks, or you can punt downstream and onto the Isis for a lazy afternoon’s visit to the Isis Farmhouse. Another great thing is that there’s no need to pay the exorbitant fees of private punt operators, as we get access to the punts for a very small one-off fee!